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Kimberly taught my daughter Jenna to ride …

Kimberly taught my daughter Jenna to ride and then sold us Elding, our 1st Icelandic, in 2001. Thinking that Jenna’s interest in riding might wane over time I decided to take lessons too. I surprised myself by falling head over heels in love with riding her and had to buy my own Icelandic (Throstur) shortly thereafter. Our passion for our horses have provided us with a very special mother daughter bond. We now look forward to Jenna’s visits home from college as opportunities to ride our Icelandics together.

R. D., M.D.

P.S. Jenna’s interest never waned, despite the distractions of boyfriends and college, but is as strong as ever!

Sensation Saddle comment:

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE my Sensation Sonoran Saddle!!!
I first learned about your saddles from Kimberly Hart of Sunland Ranch in Encinitas, CA. Prior to meeting Kimberly, I hadn’t heard much about treeless saddles (in fact, I hadn’t met anyone who used them at my stable).
Kimberly raved about your saddles and I had to agree that they were very comfortable, but what I didn’t immediately realize is how superior they were in my situation.
First of all, I had decided on getting an Icelandic horse (which are fairly uncommon in my area). It was as if your saddles were made especially for my boy’s (Charlie’s) conformation… Short back, wide girth, and low withers. Most standard treed saddles wouldn’t work well for him.
Second, I was tired of slinging those heavy 30(plus)lbs Western Trail saddles on and off every time I rode. My back was more sore from that that anything else. I think Charlie really appreciates the lighter tack as well.
Third, I absolutely love how secure I am in your saddle!!! I’m getting to that age when falling off a horse isn’t just embarrassing – it also could mean a few days in the hospital. My Sonoran Saddle has kept me on Charlie through a few of his bigger spooks.
Fourth, I feel more connected with Charlie when I ride. I think it will help improve my riding abilities and communication skills over time.
I also love how elegant it looks considering how comfortable and lightweight it is. I highly recommend it to anyone who asks about my saddle.
Thanks for your awesome product!!! I am also very appreciative of Kimberly who was very knowledgable and indispensable in helping me chose the right Sensation for me (and for Charlie).
M. T.
[![](http://sunlandranch.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/charlie1.jpg "charlie")](http://sunlandranch.com/2010/07/27/kimberly-taught-my-daughter-jenna-to-ride/charlie-2/)Charlie (Edalsteinn) with the Sensation Sonoran Saddle
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