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Icelandic Trips

We just returned from Iceland where we attended Landsmot 2014. We also went on a couple of treks, stayed at a breeding farm near Hella and did some shopping. If you would like to join us in the future or are planning to go on your own, please let us know. Our next trip to Iceland is Sept. 22 – Sept 29, 2015. Please contact me if you are interested in joining us.

We can help you arrange accommodations and treks. If you are interested in possibly purchasing a horse in Iceland, we can pre-select horses based on your specifications, (i.e. gaits, color, temperament, bloodlines, sex), and have them ready for you to try when you arrive there.

We can also help you plan your own excursion and provide you with an itinerary. We can help arrange for you to visit farms, go on treks, experience the friendly people and fabulous food and see spectacular scenery. Hopefully you will find the horse of your DREAMS!!! We work in conjunction with several breeders and trainers in Iceland to locate the temperament, color, age, sex and most importantly the personality you desire. We can help you arrange importation and transportation to your home.

We occasionally hold clinics at our farm in California with top instructors and trainers.